Spongellé , Spongette - Body Wash Infused Bath/Shower Sponge

Spongellé , Spongette - Body Wash Infused Bath/Shower Sponge

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A beyond cleansing experience (85 grams)

So much more than a simple sponge, Spongellé transforms the humble shower (or bath) into a skin smoothing, moisture infusing, luxurious experience.

Packed with the finest ingredients, these paraben-free body buffers cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish for soft, smooth and totally refreshed skin. And the patented time-release technology ensures rich and creamy suds from the first use to the very last.

  • Infused with the finest skincare ingredients.
  • Spongellé's body buffers will transform your bathing ritual into a beyond cleansing experience.
  • These luxurious buffers are designed to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin from neck to toe.
  • 85 grams, 14+ washes.